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July 7, 2010


New York State Law Enforcement Being Deceitful on Motorcycle Eyewear


The New York State Police, in partnership with the Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee and New York’s Traffic Safety Partners, are improperly training local law enforcement on motorcycle laws.  In their presentation titled “Taking the Mystery Out of Motorcycle Enforcement” they covered eyewear, legal application of an inspection sticker, handle bar height, helmets, exhaust pipes, tires, lights and plates. [1]


In the section of the presentation that covered proper eye protection, it states; “For enforcement purposes, eyewear that meets this newly adopted ANSI standard will have “Z87” on the frames and lenses.”  State law reads as follows:  “Eye protection [(a)] A motorcyclist may use any eye protection device that has been manufactured in conformity with the American National Standard Institute’s Z87.1 standard “Occupational and Educational Personnel Eye and Face Protection Devices.”  A motorcyclist may not operate a motorcycle unless he or she is wearing such eye protection.”  [2]


New York State local law enforcement is being trained that the only legal eye protection allowed must have “Z87” on the frames and the lenses.  This is a deliberate falsehood.  State law provides that any eye protection that has been manufactured in conformity with the American National Standard Institute’s Z 87.1 is legal in New York State.  Past standard regulations required eye protection to have “Z87” on the frames only, meaning earlier models of legal eye protection continue to be legal.[3] Any law enforcement personnel that states you must have “Z87” on the frames and on the lenses is wrong and is deliberately misinforming you and the public.


We remind all motorcyclists that if any law enforcement personal asks to inspect your eye protection, as with the helmet, you request a search warrant. 


New York Freedom Riders insist that New York State Law Enforcement cease illegally pulling over motorcyclists just to enforce eye protection regulations that they know are not in accordance with state law. Such actions are, in-and-of themselves, illegal and should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.


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